Combo Package (Kung Fu Balm + Kung Fu Rub)

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Need fast relief? Just keep a small jar of KUNG FU BALM in your bag, pocket or even at your home and apply it anytime.

Fellow athletes and martial artists:

  • Ever getting SEEN and UNSEEN injuries during extreme sports and martial art practices?
  • Worrying how long does it take to recover to attend the sports trainings as soon as possible?
  • Going through all these hassle again and again?

Then KUNG FU RUB + BALM is the solutions to your problems!



What does KUNG FU BALM ( CLASSIC ) do?

Aroma-therapeutic Effects

KUNG FU BALM ( CLASSIC ) – All Purpose Remedy is formulated with supreme quality natural ingredients to avoid any undesired effects due to synthetic chemicals. The natural ingredients are professionally blended and nurtured to give out the perfect aroma that calms your senses and relieves your tension. Adhering to law of the nature, KUNG FU BALM delivers the essence of natural power to your reach in a compact form of balm, bringing the goodness of universe to your fingertips. In addition to instantly fighting away muscle and joint pains, KUNG FU BALM also serves the purpose of calming the mind through aroma-therapeutic effects fulfilling its “Yin” and “Yang” (internal and external) properties.

Relieves Pain & Discomforts

KUNG FU BALM ( CLASSIC ) long lasting effects are similar to KUNG FU’s capability to stand up to challenges after challenges and remain undefeatable. Challenges such as congestion, stuffy nose, flatulence, sprains, congestion from allergies, muscular pain, stiffness, backache, cramp, sprains, and headaches are no strangers to KUNG FU BALM and will be punched out right away. KUNG FU BALM is easily absorbed whitish ointment that is also effective in relieving insect bites, nasal congestion as well as headache. Its therapeutic blend of organic herbs has a soothing and pleasant aroma to calm the senses and works as a topical analgesic to alleviate pain.

Enhances Blood Circulations

KUNG FU BALM ( CLASSIC ) is not only a typical massage balm. With its extraordinary effective massage property that stimulates blood circulation, resulting from smoothening “Qi” (internal energy) flow of the body, KUNG FU BALM is therefore well catered to improve general health condition of the body. It enhances blood circulation in your body – the most natural, effortless way of healing any pain or discomfort and hence maintaining good health condition of your body giving you and your family a healthier and quality living!
KUNG FU BALM ( CLASSIC ) – ALL PURPOSE REMEDY is a healthy and easy-going product because you can apply it whenever you feel like it. It is definitely your life companion!! Keep a jar of KUNG FU BALM keep you and your family healthy and happy all the time to face all the hustle and bustle in life.
Have a try, and see the difference!


What does KUNG FU RUB ( HEAVY SPORTS ) do?

Pre-sports Warming Up

“Prevention is better than cure”. By applying KUNG FU RUB before extreme sports or martial arts practices, it helps you to warm up, thus frees you from injuries due to lack of warm-ups. Hence, KUNG FU RUB is well catered to improve general condition of the body and could be used for pre-sport warming-up on a regular basis.

Prevents And Helps To Heal Micro-Injuruies

While practicing martial arts, micro-injuries might incur without being realized. It is important to remove these micro-injuries as accumulation of these latter would cause complications in the health of the practitioner; hence the importance of KUNG FU RUB. The harmony of “Yin & Yang” (internal and external) properties makes theKUNG FU RUB ideal for extreme sports participants such as martial arts practitioners. KUNG FU RUB prevents micro-injuries and reliefs pains due to hard trainings. Thus it is suitable to apply to the affected areas of body during and after martial arts “ hardening “or “breaking” exercises for instance, in addition to enhance the training outcomes.

Swift Recovery of Injuries

KUNG FU RUB also helps swift recovery in case of athletic injuries such as bruises and contusion, ligament damage, muscle strains, fractures and other soft tissue injuries in extreme sports trainings. KUNG FU RUB possesses both preventive and correction actions that facilitate and stimulate the natural healing process of our body system. The natural products in KUNG FU RUB are carefully selected to synergize the properties of the ingredients for achieving its desired character. Powerful but mild in nature, KUNG FU RUB is formulated to reduce allergic reaction normally caused by most traditional embrocation used by martial artists. Moreover, its ingredients contain skin soothing elements to prevent users’ skin of affected area from being rusted resulting from the harsh trainings such as punching on sand-bag, objects or hitting.

KUNG FU RUB ( HEAVY SPORTS ) – PAIN & INJURY RELIEF offers you the ultimate protection and unleashing the hidden potential in you.

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